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How much time will it take?


Each session takes approximately 60 minutes. It is best to allow the horse 24 hours to integrate the work without the influence of a rider.


Horses may return to their training discipline the following day for a light workout, and regular training levels the day after that.

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Catherine Persun 

Port Townsend, Washington

How much will it cost?


Each session costs $150


Full 5-series paid in advance $700

Contact Information:

Phone: 360-302-1298


What happens during an equine balancing series?


Each session begins with a hands-on body scan to uncover which areas of the horse’s body move freely and which areas hold tension. With that information, a body map is created to unravel the compromised muscular imbalances.

Session One

Builds trust with the horse, releases tension in surface musculature, and identifies deep holding patterns that are the roadmap for the rest of the series.


Session Two

Gives the horse a better sense of balance, frees the power in the hind end, emphasizes vertical line integrity, and frees up tendons and musculature of all four legs. Also included is the initial freeing of superficial and mid-level fascial restrictions in the shoulders, pelvis, lumbar, and hip joints.

Session Three

Integrates muscle groups that share movement functions, shifts vertical line integration into the horizontal plane, and focuses on functional quadrants rather than individual muscles.


Session Four

Connects front and hind ends through the barrel, enhances fluidity of whole body motion, and emphasizes horizontal line cohesiveness.


Session Five

Reinforces the flexibility of fascia as the horse strengthens into an integrated movement pattern and releases any deep adhesion that may have, at long last, revealed itself.

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