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“I am often amazed by the horse’s ability to heal herself. It is a privilege and a pleasure to support her in that process.”

Catherine Persun

EquiPoise Therapy

What is Equine Structural Balancing?

Connective tissue can thicken into adhesions through injuries, chronic stress, aging, and normal wear and tear—even healthy horses develop poor movement habits. These adhesions prevent muscles from lengthening to their full extent and can interfere with the proper functioning of the horse’s joints.


Equine Structural Integration is a full body therapy designed to restore elasticity to connective tissue, which allows the horse’s body to realign itself. During each session, the practitioner sequentially unwraps accumulated restrictions while maintaining a focus on the horse’s entire structural system.


As chronic adhesions release, freedom of movement emerges in a natural way. When layers of tissue are able to glide effortlessly over one another the horse establishes a better sense of the ground and its relationship to it. The improved range of motion is then integrated to support the horse in its effort to return to his original confirmation and alignment.


As sessions progress, the horse’s balance becomes refined and the destructive cycle of restriction, compensation, and imbalance are left behind. Health and efficient patterns of movement emerge naturally. Strides become longer and gaits smoother.

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