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Catherine is a graduate of Joseph Freeman's Equine Natural Movement training. She has studied Pete Ramey's Hoof Rehab protocols, and has been a facilitator for Epona inspired Equine Facilitated Experiential Programs. Catherine has also attended Centered Riding workshops and has taught riding, yoga, and meditation to children. She lives in Port Townsend, Washington. 

Contact her at: 360-302-1298

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A note of welcome. . .

Great bodywork is hard to find, not only for ourselves, but also for our horses. Have you ever personally had the experience of a 10-series with a talented Structural Integration practitioner? Several years ago, I signed on for such an experience for myself as part of a follow-up to some equine work that I was studying, and I was blown away. It was, by far, the most profound and important thing I have ever done for myself.


I am certified to offer that same experience to your horses. At Joseph Freeman’s school of Equine Natural Movement, I learned the art of Structural Integration for horses. I went to Joseph’s school searching for answers for a mare that Had been rescued. . . one who had captured my heart upon first meeting. Annie was lame, underweight, and her spirit was clearly broken, but I felt something for her that sent me headlong into the world of equine rehabilitation. For her, I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and other therapeutic options. . . And while she loved all those things, none seemed to make the lasting changes to her body that I had hoped for. Combining those modalities with the SI work made all the difference. Things moved and changed, and Annie grew into healthier, stronger movement patterns. Today, Annie enjoys spending her days running with her herd. I can’t help but notice that in my attempt to help Annie find her spirit again, she ultimately helped me find my own.


I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your horse’s journey toward wellness.


Catherine Persun

EquiPoise Therapy

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